Antonio Arcidiacono

- Director of Technology and Innovation at EBU where he manages a team of international experts
coordinating the Innovation and R&D&I activities of EBU members.
- At the origin of the development of several AI based media products from EuroVOX, an open toolbox for language management ( ), to the News Pilot combining news from 28 EBU members supported by the EuroVOX and PEACH recommendation tools ( )
- Chair of the 5G Media Action Group ( ), a global organization representing the
interests of the media in the 5G and 3GPP fields. Chair of the Joint Technical Committee ETSI, CENELEC and EBU. Participated in the development of the first GSM services and was responsible for the development and launch of the first digital TV services in Europe.
- Played a pioneering role in the convergence between the world of Media and the world of the Internet since the mid-1990s conceiving and launching the DVB-IP standard. Launched the first satellite Internet services, later developing the first interactive satellite IP terminal for less than $ 100 (SmartLNB) and a series of innovations that were translated into new products and services.
- Worked closely with the main players in the Media and Telecommunications sectors, and with the EU Commission at technical, regulatory, and competition management level. After a few years at the European Space Agency, he joined Eutelsat taking part in the key stages of its development from an international organization to privatization in 2001 and to the IPO in 2005.
- Founding member of DVB and member of the Board since its creation in 1993, he worked on the
development of new satellite systems and services in both the technical and commercial sectors, up to his appointment as Director of Innovation, developing the first satellite IOT services platform and the first satellite OTT services.
- He began his career working for Telespazio and Selenia Spazio. Inventor/co-inventor of 19 international patents, author of many technical articles, he is also the editor of Tech-i, a magazine dedicated to innovation in the world of Media.